Wonderful view of sea through Yacht!

Our trip to Dubai was planned by a first class tourist company Al Wasl, that is a UAE based company offering its services of desert safari, dhow cruise, fishing, yachting, Dubai city tour with much more. After having its services we found it top quality facilities  with an excellent range of interesting sea tourism products. We were lucky to catch the right company for our trip instead of wasting money and time.

The company had offered us the service of Yacht Charter services in Dubai, fully covered, knowledgeable by shore secure regulators, fixed with maritime maps and all the newest safety and routing equipment with experienced boat captains and team to provide safe, qualitative and pleasant sea tourism encounters in Dubai.  If you wish to have the most preferred and most magnificent vacations then yacht charter Dubai is just the entrance you need to affect. When you get into the yacht all you got to do is have fun. Let the preparations and other things for the crew as they will around you to assist and facilitate you. We experiences this thing during our voyage that is why we are so confident. The yacht charter Dubai is  luxuriously created and serve all your wishes. There are well prepared rooms, lounges, wash rooms, etc. The team is so well manner, respectable with neat and clean uniform. Whether it is your protection or information about vacationer locations around, they are well advised and organized about everything to such a level that even if there is a huge gathering on the panel, they have their attention on each and every individual. Apart from getting the best meals and best beverages you even get the best encounter of looking around the beautiful scenery. The catchy scenes get all of your attentions that you forget to take the meal.

We also experienced another luxury boat Yacht Rental in Dubai by availing the services of Al Wasl. Although in the great ocean of Dubai it was a difficult  journey but Al Wasl made it possible for us and we encountered a wonderful voyage. The yacht rental in Dubai was fully prepared to meet any emergency situation. Moreover, there was a proper method through which the crew and tourist company is in connection with each other especially in situations of an urgent. The vessel has already a well set up GPS program which keeps the team alert and inform about the sea route. The team on the panel already has walkie talkies and wireless automatic sets so that they can connect with each other even when they are regularly on the shift. Due to the protective environment visitors on the board were free of tension and they were just enjoying the voyage and beautiful marine landscapes. A delicious lunch was provided on the main patio from where we can also get the glimpses of bright water. The fragrant air and shinny sun added the beauty and charm of our trip. We all were very happy but at the same time we were also somehow sad that our journey was going to end. To make these moments alive we took a lot of photographs in a group or individually. Google+